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Outdoor living

P38 Energy offers a wide range of outdoor living products that can be powered with clean-burning propane.

It is possible to enjoy the outdoor space without worrying about temperature variations. Propane lighting, BBQs, patio heaters, campfires, outdoor fireplaces and fireplaces are a great way to stay comfortable while enjoying the outdoors, in the fall and winter.


Today’s propane grills do more:

  • Some propane grills are self-cleaning, with low-maintenance designs.
  • Some are designed for smoking, barbecuing, deep-frying, broiling, and combination barbecuing/smoking.
  • Many models have cast-iron porcelain coated cooking grills, which enables them to retain heat on the entire cooking surface.
  • Push-button ignitions are available for instant cooking.
  • All new propane cylinders are fitted with valves that prevent overfilling, making them safer than ever.
Residentiel plein air bbq

Safer than ever! Propane BBQs mean that:

  • There’s no wait for charcoals to ignite and heat up.
  • Grilling is clean - there’s no charcoal residue or ash to dispose of.
  • There’s no harmful pollutants to worry about.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor propane lighting has a style of its own, letting you light up the night

Whether it’s for your home or your cottage, we have the model to satisfy your needs. Many models have the lighting equivalent of 150 watts.

Residentiel plein air eclairage exterieur

Propane gas lighting offers homeowners efficiency and reliability:

  • They can be more energy efficient than electric lamps.
  • They are portable, versatile, and easy to use in remote locations.
  • Propane lamps will continue to function in the event of a power outage.


Residentiel plein air feu de camp

Simple to use, the campfire does not need any permanent installation

The propane campfire is approved to operate even on a wooden terrace. Be assured of its optimal operation over many years thanks to its ceramic burner.

Enhance the look of your campfire by adding an optional decorative enameled cast iron base or let your imagination create your own adaptation with compatible material.

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