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A propane heater heats up faster and delivers hotter air than an electronic unit.
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Benefits of propane at home

When used as a home energy source, propane offers residential users reliability, cleanliness and improved performance. On average, it also costs significantly less than electricity and is environmentally friendly.

P38 Energy offers a complete selection of propane appliances, and a turnkey installation program, which includes after-sale maintenance. Our installation teams will connect your new appliance to the propane tank; they will complete the inspection of all material, and will ensure that the system is in working order from the onset.

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  1. 1. Suspended heater
  2. 2. Autopropane
  3. 3. Heating floor for garage
  4. 4. Propane dryer
  5. 5. Water heater
  1. 6. Propane cooking stove
  2. 7. Outdoor fireplace
  3. 8. Pool heater
  4. 9. Outdoor kitchen
  5. 10. Propane generator
  1. 11. Propane fireplace
  2. 12. Underground tank
  3. 13. Aboveground tank
  4. 14. Automatic delivery service
  5. 15. Nee-Vo

Discover all our residential services

Residentiel chauffage aerotherme garage

Suspended garage heater

It is important to have the comfort you deserve in your garage, and even in winter.

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Auxiliary heating

One of the things that makes propane an exceptional energy is its versatility.

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Home heating

A propane heater heats up quickly and delivers warmer air then an electronic unit.

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On demand water heater

Propane gives you more hot water at a more affordable price

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Pool heating

Swim at any time, no matter what the temperature outside.

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Residentiel cuisiniere au propane

Propane cooking

The benefits of cooking with propane are numerous. If you are already cooking with propane, these benefits have no secrets for you.

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Power outages can happen any time, anywhere, and they can pose a serious inconvenience and even a risk for you and your family.

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Hot water in floor radiant heating

Water radiant floor heating or, in other words, a radiant floor is a floor where the temperature is always higher than the ambient air.

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Hot water in floor radiant garage

In a radiant heating system, the entire floor acts as a uniform surface temperature, continually releasing heat to the objects in the room.

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Outdoor living

P38 Energy offers a wide range of outdoor living products that can be powered with clean-burning propane.

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Why spend more time than necessary to do laundry? A propane dryer will dry a load of clothes faster than an electric dryer.

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Nee-vo - Accurately monitor your tank level

Welcome to the era of real-time telemetry! Get accurate, real-time readings of all your tanks instantly on your smartphone.

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