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Commercial heating

From furnaces to fireplaces, propane offers new ways to make any home affordably warm and comfortable year round, while protecting the environment.

Today’s homebuyers are more demanding than ever when it comes to the comfort and efficiency provided by their homes. Propane-fueled heating systems enable builders to offer the ultimate in heating comfort and energy efficiency, while remaining environmentally responsible.

Commercial chauffage

Forced-air central furnaces fueled by propane, on average provide warmer air than electric heat pumps. Additionally, propane furnaces, even ultra-high efficiency models, have low-profile designs, so they can fit into tight spaces with height restrictions or narrow side clearances – even a closet.

Many models can be installed and vented in a variety of ways, and some are even certified for zero clearance on side and back, to sit flush against walls.

A new technology in propane heating systems is a combo-heater that uses water heaters to provide space heating.

The water heater operates conventionally until heat is needed. Hot water then circulates through a water-to-air heat exchanger coil in the air handler of the furnace, and warm air is distributed throughout the house by ducts. These units can achieve up to 90% efficiencies for both water and central heating.

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