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Home heating

A propane heater heats up quickly and delivers warmer air then an electronic unit.

Propane furnaces deliver comfortable heat

Residentiel chauffage domestique

Advantages of propane furnace

  • Provide more evenly distributed heat than electric heat pumps.
  • Are environmentally friendly by providing cleaner and more breathable air.
  • Are cost-efficient, as they can reduce your heating bills compared with an electric furnace or oil.
  • Are durable. Propane furnaces typically last approx. 20 years.

Propane forced air heaters

More than half of the household energy of most families is used to keep their home warm during cold weather. Propane forced air furnaces have a 98% efficiency rating, and can reduce your heating costs by 25% compared to most furnaces. A computer program constantly controls the operation of the unit in order to obtain the best performance while still making the maintenance more efficient.

All models can also easily be equipped with an air filter or a humidifier. A long list of security items are featured in propane forced air heaters. Specially designed sensors stop the appliance if the following occurs:

  • Burners do not light properly.
  • Chimney is blocked.
  • Temperature goes above normal.
  • Door to the fan is open.

Moreover, the computer system watches all functions to be on the safe side.

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