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Propane is used extensively to fuel heating systems for incubation and brooding.

Propane-powered brooders offer larger coverage area, more even heating, and lower costs than many other systems. They are available in standard convection air and radiant models.

Propane convection brooders require no electricity, so livestock is not endangered in the event of a power failure. Many models also offer the ability to control heating by zones, this increasing the potential for fuel savings.


With the cold winters of Quebec, pork producers need to be sure to heat their facilities. Currently, the main source of heating energy in pig production is propane.


L.B. White is the world’s leading manufacturer of forced air heaters and radiant heat brooders for pig production across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America. It offers a full range of forced air heaters, incubators and more.

Save on fuel costs, improve pig productivity, reduce time to market, and lower operating costs of hog and pig production. L.B. White is a single source provider of quality forced air heaters and radiant heat solutions for pig buildings and pig complexes managed by pork producers around the world.

(Different models depending on your needs)

Hen house

The heat transmitted by infrared warms the ground and the birds without necessarily “overheating” the air. Thus, less propane is used, despite the large amount of heat released.

Agricole elevage poulailler

With concentric rings, the heat is more intense directly under the brooder allowing birds to choose where they are most comfortable. The goal of a breeder is to provide variable width comfort with a high volume of heat.

Easy to clean and maintain, because the air inlet is removable, the orifice is retractable and the patented horizontal pilot is designed for easy maintenance without special tools. The stainless steel transmitter and the inner cone protect the internal fiber insulation for power washing. (Be sure to cover the control panel before power washing).

Parts may also be cleaned by means of compressed air and the stainless steel burner resists corrosion and stays clean.

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