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Commercial hot water in floor radiant heating

For the comfort, economy, value and prestige it gives your commercial space, underfloor water heating is one of the most recommended facilities.

The principle is simple: using a propane kettle, water is heated and circulated through a pipe winding between the floor joists or directly inserted into the concrete slab. However, the benefits of underfloor water heating do not stop there.

Commercial chauffage plancher eau

The water floor heating system eliminates the use of baseboards or vents in the bottom of the walls and allows better positioning of furniture in the rooms. Thus, it is extremely popular in factories and is considered the best system. In addition, there is an increase in popularity in the residential area.

In a radiant heating system, the entire floor acts as a uniform surface temperature, continually releasing heat to the objects in the room. The heat is continuously absorbed, so that the body temperature remains constant. The air retains its moisture and exudes a feeling of comfort. With a radiant heating system, energy consumption is typically reduced by 10% to 30%.

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