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Auxiliary heating

One of the things that makes propane an exceptional energy is its versatility.

You can put propane to work in heating almost any room of the house, and you’ll be very happy with its performance.

Propane fireplaces and space heaters not only help to reduce heating costs, but they also provide a backup heat source, increase home value and are easy and convenient to use.

Space heaters

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P38 Energy offers a complete line of Empire Vented Room Heaters, stylish, durable, and carefully crafted for visual appeal and maximum efficiency. Empire uses a state-of-the-art paint process that produces a strong finish that resists scratching and chipping.

They are designed for quiet operation. The curved combustion chamber design minimizes noise while the burner ignites the gas immediately as it enters the burner port for added efficiency.


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Choose from many propane fireplace styles, from traditional to ultra-contemporary. And because they can be direct-vented through a wall, they can be placed almost anywhere in the home.

Propane fireplaces are also easy on your wallet. They cost a few pennies an hour to operate, are equipped with an instantaneous start stop device, and an automatic temperature control thanks to the wall-mounted thermostat or the battery operated manual remote control. In all cases, you are in total control of the comfort in your home.

Electricity is not even needed to light or start the fireplace, thanks to a millivolt system. This makes propane fireplaces reliable, even during a power outage.

P38 Energy offers its customers several options and guarantees a turnkey service and installation. You no longer need to worry yourself with different trade bodies. We take care of everything!

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