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Propane is the most cost effective and easiest clean fuel for high consumption fleets to use.
Commercial autopropane

Benefits of Propane for Your Fleet

Propane reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improves air quality while it saves your fleet money. For a high consumption fleet operating on propane instead of conventional fuel, the cost savings will typically pay for the conversion investment within the first year. Propane is cheaper than conventional gasoline, ethanol blended gasoline and diesel on a net fuel cost basis. Propane pricing has been more stable relative to gasoline over over the past 12 years and with abundant Canadian supply, propane availability is not a concern.

Propane as a transport fuel for mass consumption fleets can achieve:

  • Savings of more than 25% compared to gasoline.
  • Up to 26% less greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than gasoline.
  • Secure refueling and more stable prices.
  • Vehicle performance and safety identical to its gasoline equivalent.
Commercial autopropane parc automobile

P38 Energy supplies fleet vehicles

  • HD-5 vehicle grade propane only, unrefined source.
  • An unbundled and transparent pricing policy.
  • State-of-the-art fuel injection conversion technology.
  • On-site refueling stations: tailor-made solutions for an individual fleet with a complete and modern system.
  • Assistance with inspections, construction and annual compliance permits.
  • Help with documentation for discounts and bonuses.
  • Training and certification for mechanical and refueling personnel.

Discover all our autopropane services

Residentiel carte acces 1x

Cardlock card

Our new system Access Card offers you the possibility to access different refuelling sites.

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Commercial conversion au propane

Propane fleet conversion

A high consumption fleet vehicle, running on propane, can save over $5,000 each year.

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Propane price

Propane pricing has been more stable than gasoline, and with abundant Canadian availability.

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Propane facts

Propane Facts

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Commercial find a station

Find a station

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