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18 March
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National Propane Day 2024

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Powering Tomorrow for a Sustainable Future

On March 20, we are celebrating the second annual National Propane Day to honour the propane industry and recognize all the benefits propane offers.

This year’s theme Powering Tomorrow for a Sustainable Future, is aligned with the launch of the CPA’s Canadian Propane Decarbonization Roadmap – our industry’s pathway to produce biopropane. This first-of-its-kind Canadian study provides quantitative evidence of how propane can play a role in lowering emissions in alignment with ambitious climate targets.

Propane Benefits

  • Propane is an affordable, accessible, and low-carbon Canadian energy source with unmatched versatility. It is used daily by millions of Canadians, from heating homes, drying crops, and transporting children to school to powering forklifts.
  • Propane provides energy choice. It is an ideal and reliable source of primary or backup energy for rural, remote, and Indigenous communities.
  • Propane creates energy resiliency for Canadians – it continues to work even when the electric grid fails.
  • Propane is on the path to zero emissions with the onset of biopropane.

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