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29 October
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Auto Propane Day 2020

Autopropane 4 novembre


1. #DidYouKnow that #AutoPropane is the world’s third most popular fuel option and Canada’s most popular alternative vehicle fuel?

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2. There is a reason why #Autopropane is the fuel of choice for fleets across Canada: Lowest total cost of ownership, fewer emissions, and better worker environment. See why Red Car Service in Guelph, ON expanded their #propane fleet to limos.

3. Student transportation providers are also switching to clean-burning propane because it means cleaner air for students, drivers, and the community. @southlandbus has chosen #propane to transport students in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and the latest, in Nova Scotia. Watch to learn why.

4. School districts are also seeing the benefits of switching to #Autopropane. The numbers speak for themselves: Brandon School Division in MB saved $95,000 in two years and reduced emissions by 1 M lbs.

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5. Readily available & trusted: #Autopropane is easily accessible and transportable across the country; it is a trusted automotive fuel around the world. It’s easy to fill up with #AutoPropane with Canada’s Alternative Fuelling Station Locator.

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